We all remember the days when Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn were the only social networks. It’s happen in 2007, to pop-up awesome software that gives availability to people start creating their Social Network and start attracting thousands of members. Today, things are different.

1) Front End
SocialEngine it’s becoming old fashion with his library and boring default design.
– Mostly, there are many advantages using new libraries as React, Angular or even maybe jQuery that’s not coming as default on SocialEngine PHP

2) Vendors
SocialEngine development it’s becoming a huge mess. All of vendors using their modules as core files that use encrypted coding inside, load bunch of JS libraries on each page that makes loading slower. For big Social Networks we at EXTFOX think it’s not recommended to use allot of plugins.

3) Mobile Applications
SocialEngine does not have a Mobile Application. Becoming a modern software today that does not come with mobile app, it’s nothing.
You will need to buy additional software from vendors iOS / Android which are very expensive, and guess what? You are not getting “source” code either.
You are not able to do future development for it.

4) Missing Core Features
Options are getting limited. Since, Facebook and Twitter roll over a new features as “Live Video”, “Adverts as Videos”, “Activity Feed Sponsored Posts”, and many others. If you start your Social Network, you are not having this options.

5) Hard For Upgrade
It’s hard to upgrade if you have a custom work inside core files, or vendor plugins. Consider hiring a team that would do the upgrade.

6) Backend
Backend it’s old fashion. No! We really mean old fashion with bad UI(user interface).
If you open Layout Editor, and search for a page, from here you are lost.

– No quick search for pages
– No quick search for widgets
– Plugins menu items are not organized, once when numbers of plugins it’s increased
– Admin panel does not have mobile version. It’s hard to manage and keep running your network if you are outside from office

Long list of selecting pages from layout editor. Once when you select, there is always struggle to find it again.


Long list of “Available Blocks”, there is no quick search


It’s a long list and not useful. We are at 4k resolution, and imagine how would be on smaller screens?


7) Not Responsive & Mobile Support
Themes and Plugins 70% of market are not responsive. If you buy a theme, there is big chance the same to be not optimized for mobile. Also, if you buy a plugin from another vendor than your iOS & Android App, there is big chance the same to be not available.

8) No Real Messenger
SocialEngine core feature for message system it’s very behind. It’s still working through, but extremely behind then your opponents. Consider buying a chat software that’s going to work for you.

9) Speed Issues
Once you install 20+ plugins, network is becoming very slow. You should upgrade your hosting with better performance.

Still, without this features SocialEngine is a great software, and is still getting regular updates for it. We will wait to see for 5.0 version and updates that follow.