We are all excited for SocialEngine 4.9 version. Software that let you create social network hosted on your own server.Our first impressions are great. But, still allot of things to be done in order.

We have tested 4.9 Beta version on PHP 5.4.39, and we detect many issues that are related with the same.

Sign Up and Sign In not working

Sign Up page is not working correctly. Return an error.


Default theme comes with issues

Issue related on Activity Feed, Widgets Style

Great move, we are able to edit specific type posts. But, once when you save edited post, activity is not in same position. This is coming as UIX mistake.
Right side widgets have necessary borders on Members Home.

Font-Awesome as Icon
Good thing that if you see, icons are not default as before. SocialEngine decide to integrate Font-Awesome as default icons. Now, developers will not face more trouble for integration.

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Invite & Members Blank Page
If you click to Invite, Members the same are blank. Seems like SE team is still working on them.

Activity Feed Loading Issue
When we have more then 10 activities, we cannot see “Load More” function.

We detect many bugs, it’s OK, it’s still in BETA version, and we are giving green light for each changes that improve people networks in better, faster, and modern way.