We just got the new updates from SocialEngine for new release 4.10. Here are several reason why worth waiting:

  1. Tagging Members
    This features was need it. People need it to install other part vendors plugins in case to meet this functionality
  2. Smileys/Emoticons
    Rich content is always great choice for your social network. Depend by your niche category, it’s a smart way by adding the same, so members can have full interaction
  3. Profile and Group Banners
    People love to update their profiles / groups with banners. We think it’s same functionality as cover, which is positive as well.
  4. Hashtags
    People love to tag content on their feed. This is something available years ago on Networks. It’s a great step, and choice for you to enable hashtag plugins. It’s a better for SEO As well.

SocialEngine Core Enhancements

  1. Remove Flash
    This is must. Flash is Dead! SocialEngine has used core features for uploading photos with Flash. Since, browsers as Safari, Firefox was not supporting the same, allot of networks faced trouble with the same. This is the top reason why you should upgrade to the latest version.
  2. It runs on PHP7!
    Yes, PHP7 is faster about 35% to 40% then PHP5 on SocialEngine. Still this depend from allot of factors from your Social Network network, as database, number of plugins, theme etc…

Seems like SE Team is rocking their way up to provide best updates. For sure, we can confirm that SE Team is doing amazing job, and still yet to come.

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